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✦ Crop Circles Decoded ✦- Positive Alien Messages, Truth Of Universe Within Crop Designs

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According to a recently published report, the report states I rarely see good videos about Sacred Geometry, this is one of them. ArcturusAnt explains calmly and with a relaxing and harmonizing tone all about what Crop Circles and the Sacred Geometry in them represents.

I too, believe, Crop Circles are here to remind us of something Universal. Some of them are made by humans, but the more complex ones, whew, when it is really difficult even to program these on a computer, I cannot really see how somebody could really make these more complex designs with just some strings and a set of boards, like some people claim.

Go ahead, try and make some of those more complex designs even with pen and paper. It’s a lot of work and the accuracy represented in some the crop circles is just amazing.

The claim that people are making these manually is just ridiculous when you understand the calculations and work that would be needed to make something like this, even without taking into account that the crops are cleanly folded from the base without damaging the plant..

Published on Oct 9, 2013

Thinking that we are alone is rather pathological.

Crop circles are beautiful messages created through the high frequency resonating fields of electromagnetic technology.
These messages are direct forms of evidence that we are not alone.. and that there are intelligent beings who want us to awaken into greater forms of consciousness.
These beings exist within the higher spectrum of light, and connect within large collectives of energy. These beings are unified within federation of worlds, as they travel the galaxies to assist other star systems in many different ways.

The flower of life, metatrons cube and the phi spiral are very important patterns which are connected to all things within our physical universe.
There are other concepts which these ET’s are trying to show us, some of which include the solar system alignment, positive spiritual messages and usage of free, clean energy ( which can be derived from studying sacred geometry, magnetic fields/torus fields )

There is a POSITIVE federation of various star races which have come to our planet to observe the progress we are making.
There are ALREADY contacts occurring on a individual level and within small groups of people.

I suggest checking out a few sources of information:
- Dr steven greer and his experiences on extra-terrestrial contact and the technologies which are limitless, clean and free.
Dr steven greer has filmed ET contact and has created a movie called ”Sirius” where they reveal how this subject has been suppressed by the mass controllers on earth.
Check him out on youtube!
Also, here is a link to a great video on cymatics.…
Check out my other videos, as they are related to this highly intriguing topic.
Thank you and namaste.

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